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Twelve Months

Twelve Months
Twelve Months
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The famous and well-known Fedoskino artist, Maria Vagner, painted this phenomenal lacquered box, “Twelve Months”. "Twelve  Months" is a timeless Russian fairy-tale that has been passed down from one generation to another and goes as follows:
 An orphan girl is sent into the dark cold forest by her wicked stepmother to gather flowers for her stepsisters birthday; an impossible task during the harsh Russian winter. As the girl hopelessly searches in the snow for some flowers, she stumbles upon a campfire where each month of the year is personified into different characters. The orphan girl asks if she may warm her hands by the fire, the months agree and ask her why she is all alone in the woods on the coldest days of the year. While the girl explains her unfortunate circumstances the months take pity and a childlike March produces flowers just so she can take them back. The stepmother and stepsister are amazed by how the orphan girl found the flowers until she tells them about how the twelve months gave her what she needed. Selfishly, the stepsister hunts down the twelve months and demands that they give her what she wants. In return to her rude behaviour, the months dissapear along with the campfire and the stepsister must search for the rest of eternity for food, shelter, and her way back home. The stepmother similarly follows her daughters actions and is met with the same fate. 

The color palette of the box consists of a wide spectrum of bright colors. Crushed mother-of-pearl, silver, and gold paint are all mixed separately into the oils creating a glowing iridescence in the artwork. The scene and the box itself are ordained by intricate golden ornaments. Each side of the box has paintings of different seasons. The box itself is constructed out of paper-mache and stands on four feet. The work is signed with the artist's name and the village of Fedoskino. 
The size of the box is very impressive - 10" x 7" x 3.75"