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Triptych Our Lady Of Kazan

Triptych Our Lady Of Kazan
Triptych Our Lady Of Kazan
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 Triptych Our Lady Of Kazan

 This gorgeous triptych Our Lady Of Kazan was hand made and hand painted in the town of Palekh, Russa.
An icon-symbol for the Russian Orthodox Church, the Lady of Kazan or Virgin Mary of Kazan, was found in the city of Kazan in Russia by a young girl, Matrona. The Monastery of the Lady of Kazan was built at the spot where the icon had been found and was kept there until 1904, when it was stolen. The loss was considered by the Church of Russia a source of many sufferings for the country; even the October Revolution was attributed to it. There are more than sixty copies of the certain icon. One of them, a copy of 1730, was transferred to the Vatican in 1993 and became an icon of prayer for the Pope John Paul II. Today the icon is kept at the Church of the Holy Cross Exaltation in Kazan. In Greece, copies of the icon are exhibited at the Temple of the Holy Monastery of the Virgin Mary (Keratea), at the chapel of the Russian Saint Xeni (Mandra, Attica).
On the left panel of this beautiful composition artist depicted image of Archangel Michael, and on the right one- Archangel Gabriel. On top of the triptych we see image of Christ painted on a solid piece of mother of pearl attched to the triptych.
Madonna and child and archangels are painted with egg tempera paints on solid pieces of shiny gold leaf. The icon irs richly decorated with intricate golden ornaments and covered with several layers of shiny lacquer. The size of the open triptych is 9" x 9" x 2.75"
This amazing masterpiece would definetely make a great addition to your collection.