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Russian Nesting Doll "Magic Pony And The Firebird"

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Item Number: mt1046

Exclusive Russian Nesting doll (matryoshka) Magic Pony and The Firebird is based on famous fairytale by a very talented artist Vinogradova E.N. in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
This gorgeous set contains 10 dolls with different scenes from the folk tale. The dolls are richly  decorated with silver and golden leaf delicate  ornaments. The  hand painted miniatures on front of each doll are reminicent of Fedoskino style painting of famous Russian lacquered boxes.

In Russian folklore, the Firebird (Zhar-ptitsa) is a magic glowing bird from a faraway land that blesses or brings doom to its captor and owner.  
The story of the Magic Pony, Ivan The Fool and a firebird comes in many different forms, this Russian Babuska represent classical fairy story of Firebird, that later was retold by Peter Yershov.

On the dols we see different scenes and characters of the beloved  fairytale: Ivan catching the Firebird; Tsar Berendey asking Ivan to bring him the Firebird that ate golden apples in his orchard; Ivan and his Humpbacked Horse, etc.

On the upper part of each Russian Babuska a young beautiful maiden is looking at us. Probably the artist wanted to depict Yelena, the girl, for whom Ivan had struggled so much and performed his heroic acts. Artist painted princess Yelena  as golden haired beauty with  large  sky-blue eyes, kind smile and long braids, wearing marvelous traditional Russian kokoshnik(crown like headpiece) and intricately decorated shawl and dress.

The doll stands 11.5 inches (29.2 cm)  tall and signed by the artist on the bottom of the largest one. It is lacquered with many layers of high gloss lacquer.

This museum quality Russian Matryoshka Nesting Doll can be a perfect fit for your collection of Russian fine art, as well as a unforgetable and unique  gift for your friends and family.