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Russian Gifts, Souvenirs, Art, Jewelry & Collectibles

Liliana International provides a wide array of Russian Products, Gifts, and Souvenirs ranging from children's toys to museum quality pieces. Liliana International specializes in Russian Lacquer Boxes, Matryoshka Dolls, Antique Russian Icons, Amber and Semi-precious Stone Jewelry, Alexandrite and Demantoid stones, Russian Children's toys, Books, Hand-carved wooden Santas, Semi-precious jewelry and much more! Please come back soon, we are constantly adding new products, and have not yet added even a quarter of all our different products. More categories and products are coming soon!

Russian Lacquer Boxes

Fedoskino, Palekh,Mstera and Kholui are known to connoisseurs around the world for their inimitable lacquer miniatures. Deeply rooted in history, this art form, along with traditional folk art, icon-painting, and the secular paintings of the mid-18th to late 19th centuries, is among the most splendid and distinctive of Russia’s artistic achievements. Browse through our gallery of over 250 different lacquered boxes painted by some of the most exclusive Russian artists. All boxes are 100% hand painted and hand made. Russian Lacquer Boxes make great gifts for any occasion and are a wonderful collection for anyone who is into fine art!

Baltic Amber Jewelry

Amber is the fossilized resin of trees. Most amber is golden yellow to golden orange, but green, red, violet, and black amber have also been found. Transparent to translucent, it usually occurs as nodules or small, irregularly shaped masses, often with a cracked and weathered surface. Amber may contain insects and more rarely frogs, toads and lizards. Mostly moss, lichen or pine needles that were trapped millions of years ago while the resin was still sticky. Air bubbles may give amber a cloudy appearance, but heating in oil will clear this. When rubbed, amber produces a negative electrical charge that attracts dust. This is one way of determining whether the Amber is natural or not. Heating and pressing together scraps of amber form "Ambroid" which is a chapened version and generally looked upon as synthetic.

Amber has had a number of medicinal uses attributed to it, but today it is used almost exclusively for jewelry. Plastic, glass, synthetic resin, and other natural resins , like copa, are all imitators of Amber. The most famous despots of amber are in the Baltic region, particularly along the coasts of Poland, Russia, and Lithuania. All of our Amber is 100% natural Baltic Amber from Poland, Russia, or Lithuania. We do not carry any imitations of Amber, all of our Amber jewelry is hand-made using natural Amber, sterling silver, and other natural semi-precious stones. Browse through our large collection of Baltic Amber jewelry. We have rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, beads, faceted beads, cabochons, brooches, carved figurines, and much more!

Antique Russian Icons

The Russian icon enjoys universal recognition in the world of art. It’s spiritual charge and the artistic beauty – paradoxically close to the finest examples of contemporary art- attract the attention not only of amateurs but of all those seeking through art a means of elevating the spirit and promoting a moral renewal. In addition, a striking aspect peculiar to the Russian icon is its fascinating mysterious quality. The technique and symbolism of color generate questions which may be fully answered only by viewing the icon not solely as an object of aesthetic admiration but also as an element of ecclesiastical and religious life. Browse through our large variety of Antique Russian Icons and find a vast collection of various themes including themes such as: Christ the Pantocrator, Various Mother of God Icons, Nativity's, Entry to Jerusalem, Scenes from Christ's life and many more!

Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

The Russian Matryoshka is a set of painted wooden dolls nestled into one another. The concept of the take-apart nesting doll was borrowed from a Japanese toy and then later further developed in Russia. In provincial Russia before 1917 the names Matryona or Matryosha were the most common female names derivesd from the Latin root "mater" (meaning "mother") creating the image of a solid, sturdy family matron. Today, Matryoshka remains a symbol of motherhood and fertility.

Until the late 1890's, the first Matryoshka dolls were manufactured in the Children's education workshoip in Moscow, later the Matryoshka began to be produced in Sergiev Pasad (Zagorsk), Maidan, Semyonov, Yoshkar-Ola, Kirov, and Nolinsk. Matryoshka dolls are made of linden birth, with the finer, hand-turned dolls being made of linden. The making of each doll requires intesnive labor provided by trained artists uniquely skilled at the particular art form.

We feature a great variety of Matryoshka dolls both unique and traditional styles. The unique dolls are painted by famous and exclusive artists, where as the traditional dolls are painted in very traditional Russian designs. The nesting dolls are great for collectors, enjoyers of the art, and for fun. Babushka dolls are great for children's toys, presents for people of all ages, and are an excellent collectors items.

Russian Wooden Santas

Russian wooden Santas are hand-carved and hand-painted by very famous Russian Artists. These wooden masterpieces can get up to several feet in heigh and weigh up to 20 pounds! Russian Santas have been a major art form in Russian for many years. The Hand Carved Santas are extremely collectible and are featured in many books and galleries all over the world.

Semi-precious Gemstone Jewelry

Liliana International specializes in a wide-array of Semi-precious Gemstone Jewelry. All jewelry is hand-made with custom designs and mainly is one-of-a-kind. The unique jewelry is usually set in sterling-silver and uses natural gemstones such as Rose and Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Charoite, Coral, Garnet, Ruby, Saphire, and much more. Please browse through our selection of semi-precious jewelry and save money. Many similar jewelry sold in retail stores usually costs two to three times more. Our collections of semi-precious gemstone jewelry includes, necklaces, beads, rings, earings, bracelets, pendants, and much more!

Russian Books & Fairy Tales

Liliana International has a very large variety of Books on various topics. Books for sale include information books about the art. Books that describe the history, artists, themes of Russian lacquer boxes, Matryoshka nesting dolls, Antique Icons, Faberge, Easter eggs, and almost every other form of Russian art & collectibles. Liliana International also has a great selection on books about Russian fairy tales by authors such as A. S. Pushkin and others. Fairy tales are very important because they are not only great reading but the theme for many of the Russian lacquer boxes and Russian nesting dolls. Liliana International also has books about topics such as gems and minerals specific only to Russia, and many others. Please browse through our large variety of books at unbeatable prices.

Collectible Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls have always been a staple in the traditional Russian Arts and Crafts. Russian dolls typically include dolls of beautiful girls in traditional hand-made Russian clothing and beautifully sculpted porcelain faces. Russian Dolls are highly collectible, they are all hand-made and 100% authentic. Russian Dolls are highly collectible. Please browse through our large variety of Russian Dolls and experience great savings!

Russian Wooden Toys

Russian Wooden Toys have been around for many years. These toys are all hand-made and hand-made and imported from Russia, more specifically the Bogorodskoye Region near Moscow. Bogorodskoye is famous for production of Russian wooden toys which move and come to life as you play with it. Browse through our large variety of childrens and kids toys. These toys are enjoyable for people of all ages including adults. They make great gifts and are collectible. We have the best prices of Russian Children's toys and many are available for wholesale as well.

Fabergé Style Egg Pendants

The egg, perfect in form and carrying within it a new life, has been a universal symbol of rebirth for thousands of years. In imperial Russia, where the Orthodox Christian Easter celebrating the Resurrection of Christ was the most important holiday of the year, gaily decorated eggs were exchanged with the glad tidings, "Christ is Risen!" It remained for the Romanov Czars to raise this charming custom to the level of imperial luxury. And Peter Carl Fabergé, jewelry extraordinary, was the guiding genius responsible for these ultimate Easter eggs, aptly described by Rita Reif, antiques editor of The New York Times, as "glittering baubles made for a Czar." As "eggs" they are perhaps the most extravagant expression of a centuries-old traidion; as objects they mark on e of the crowning achievements of the art of the goldsmith and the jewelry. Below you will find our collection of Fabergé style egg pendants. These are all hand-made in St. Petersburg, Russia. They are made of silver, gold, and other semi-precious stones along with enamel. The designs are based on the original Fabergé eggs made for Czars!