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Item Number: mt1070

   Museum quality Russian matryoshka doll “ Thumbelina” was handmade and handpainted in Saint Petersburg, Russia by a famous Russian artist Igor Kolbasyuk . Kolbasyuk is known for his detailed painting in style of Russian lacquered boxes.
 The matryoshka is 7 inches tall and 3.7 inches in diameter and has a total of 5 nests.
Materials: wood, acrylic paint, and lacquer, gold paint. 
 This beautiful Russian nesting doll "Thumbelina" is one of a kind work of art. This exquisite matreshka doll depicts scenes from a popular childrens tale by Hans Christian Anersen. Each doll is painted with very fine detail and lovingly decorated all over with sparkly intricate golden ornaments.This Russian beauty is definitely a must for a collector.
The artwork is  covered with multiple layers of smooth shiny lacquer and is signed by the artist on the bottom of the largest doll.