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The Fair By Irina Obrevko 25 Nests

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Item Number: mt1063

Unique museum quality 25 nest Russian Matryoshka doll The Fair by Irina Obrevko.
This exquisite hand painted matryoshka doll was created by famous Russian Artist Irina Obrevko from Khot'kovo, Russia in 1994.  Her artworks are featured in many catalogs, books, museums and private collections all over the world.
Unlike the mass-produced traditional souvenir matryoshkas her nesting dolls are exceptional and unique works of art.

Each doll has a different painting featuring various characters from life of a small rural town in Russia painted with warm humorand fine detail. Babushka is painted with warm, soft, pastel colors and appeal to all generations. Artist coated all her dolls with self-mixed shiny lacquer to protect her work.
The doll stands 12 inches(30.48 cm) tall. Matreshka is dated 1994 and signed by the artist on the bottom of the largest doll.
Irina's artworks joined many distinguished collections also displayed in Moscow Dolls Museum.

This doll is from our own collection of almost 30 years.